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Welcome to KigurumiSisters, asocialdevice's & victoriamartina's
graphics journal.
We're two sisters with way too much time on our hands.

asocialdevice is a graduate student at UTPA, working on a
Masters in Rhetoric, Composition and Literacy studies.

victoriamartina is business student at UTPA and Fashion Designer
and Seamtress. Visit her journal to see some ofher most recent designs!


Asocialdevice: I'm all about Composition!


We Will never Lock This Journal!
The whole reason we share our graphics
is because we want others to use them!
& in order to use em, you gotta have access
to `em!

We make graphics for fun!
If it's not fun, why bother!
You will see this reflected in the graphics
we make!

Remember, Taste is entirely subjective!
If you don't like it, the beauty of of it is
You Don't Have to Use it. : )

Please credit anything you take to the apropriate maker,
either asocialdevice or victoriamartina.
If you are unsure simply credit kigurumisisters

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